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Your WORST employee?

thinking-employee-engagementNo “business” discussion I have with another practitioner ever seems to be complete without touching on the dreaded subject of employees.  Whether it’s trying to figure out how to keep a good one, get rid of a bad one or hire a new one – this is the one area of your practice that is a virtual minefield!

With all of that talk, you would think somebody would bring up the subject of what to do with your WORST employee.

Your WORST employee?  Would that be the one that always shows up late for work, gossips about everyone and when you ask them to do something, it hardly ever gets done correctly?  NO!!!  That one is a “No-Brainer”, by tomorrow morning they shouldn’t even be one of your employees anymore (Yes, even if you have to pay unemployment or you think you can’t do without them – by the way, I have fired LOTS of people who I thought were indispensable to my practice, yet everything ran smoother as soon as they were gone, go figure!)

So who is this WORST employee I am talking about?   Read More

Make it a GAME!


 “What you measure, you improve” – truer words have rarely been spoken.

The author of that statement was Peter Drucker and even though he was talking about the world of business in this particular case, think about what happens as soon as you start measuring something.  Take golf for example.  Think any golfer’s game would ever improve if they weren’t counting strokes?

Chances are, they would play once or twice and then quickly lose interest. Instead, they fanatically read every article, watch educational videos and spend their kids’ college funds on lessons – just to shave a stroke or two off their score.

Why, because now you have turned golf from an activity into a GAME – and who doesn’t love games?  The truth is – nobody!

So why not turn your practice into a game.  Most offices already measure the number of New Patients, Office Production and Office Collections, but that’s about it.

Here is the key though, Read More

Be the “Expert”


Do you ever feel like the guy in that commercial for Staples where “Dave” walks into his office and there are a whole bunch of “Daves” hard at work?

Their point of course is that as small business owners we have many hats to wear.

As healthcare practitioners we work hard just to take care of patients. Combine that with trying to wear all the hats of a business owner. It’s easy to get worn out! Read More

Time to start a “To DONʼT” List


I donʼt know about you, but I LOVE making “To Do” lists.

Is there anything more satisfying than checking off little projects as you get them done? In a world of information overload itʼs just one of the side benefits of making sure none of your important tasks fall through the cracks.

It actually becomes pretty easy to get stuff done when you have spent a little time planning ahead and written out a prioritized list. Read More

Itʼs NOT the Economy!


“Itʼs the Economy, Stupid!” – Remember the now famous phrase by James Carville, advisor to then presidential candidate Bill Clinton?

Obviously that phrase resonated with a lot of people because it not only helped Bill Clinton win that election, but it has also been repeated thousands of times in different variations. Read More